Sunday, August 5, 2012

The truth about love

Love. Heart shaped?
Or maybe, flowers?
Don't get me wrong i love flowers. Especially roses. Pink and red roses. But i don't think they'd represent what is love correctly. Too bad.

A romantic stories?

Or a lovely song?

They tell us about how good love is. But no, love doesn't work right sometimes. It needs pain and tears and sacrifice to get its highest goal : to love and to be loved.
I can't tell you what love is. I'm only 15 years old. Too young to understand so much i bet. Go ask your parents your grandparents. I bet they know it well.
But don't understand love itself doesn't make myself love-proof or what.
Sadly, but true!

I've been loved in my entire whole life by my family. Until i bloated and i feel grateful because of that. No, i don't wanna talk about this family love. I'm going to talk about the different version of love.

Among teens, they no such thing called love. We're too shallow to feel it, the oldies said. Yeah.....
They call  it 'like' or what, ppl.


Then, i ask you, if it isn't true, why does it feel so hurt to see someone we like hang-out with our friend?

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