Monday, August 6, 2012

Safe and Sound

I'm such a big fans of Hunger Games, so i decided to search anything that relate to Hunger Games, including this Hunger Games soundtracks.

I'm gonna tell you that it isn't an instant love. At the first time i got this uncomfortable feelings each time i hear the musics in the album. The songs are so dark. If you know what i mean by saying 'dark songs'. Well, i just feel that the songs take me into this whole new world i've never known before. It's like Tim Burton's world. Another dark and weird world. Dark, but amazing world. Like lightning, beautiful, but in a certain way that i can't explain, also scary. 

But when i hear the songs over and over again, i found myself falling depper into this world. So does with the Safe and Sound.

I've told you that it isn't an instant love, for the tracks. But yes it is an instant love when i see the Safe and Sound video. It's soooo vintage. What describe me the most is i am a vintage person. I'm an old soul -_-.

And i always feel that the both the video and song give me this warm feeling each time i hear it. It's like you're in your warm bed with your blanket in a cold night.

Enjoy my favorite :

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