Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eyes On : Moustache Flat Shoes

I want to share my newest august wishlist with you! Well, lately, many of my friends started their own bussiness. And yes, you're right fellas. They start to make an online shop. I've been such a crazy to watch they post these ultra-cute tops and bottoms and shoes ( I really really love cute shoes!) but sadly, i don't have enough cash to buy those things :(
What hurt my heart (overbombing level over 1000) the most is to see they put the 'SOLD OUT' captions in those lovely-dopey things that i want so much. You DO know what it feels right?

Then people, i saw this.

A super cute moustache flats at my friend's shop

It costs 120 idr (about 12 usd) and i want it so bad. I think it's like an instant love when i saw the white moustache flat shoes in the picture. I love it but i can't afford it :(

Then, a few days later i randomly open the online shops in facebook. And i opened AdorableProjects Indonesia and saw this flawless gold moustache shoes. Must be a dream come true!

It's gold and it has moustache. Should i say anything else?
It costs idr 130 so i think i will do a saving program until the end of august. Wish it'll be mine soon :)

And.... i want to introduce you to my new class, 11 IPA 5. ZIPPER!
Zipper means amazing science-five with powerful personalities. Thanks to Rama, we have this ultra-cool picture :

Z for Zipper!

Mine! Oke kebanting sama punya Rama -_-

Included in August wishlist : KitKat Green Tea. Ultra delicious :9

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