Monday, July 2, 2012

Villa Experience with Fastfive

So much fun so so so much fun :)
I've seen my report book and i've got the 1st rank! Thanks God, happy happy happy as can be. Although my scores are not too good but i think all my hardwork have been paid.
So many things to do in this Holiday. I've got 3 weeks holiday!
On June 25th-26th my class and i went to 'Villa Ramayana' in Puncak. And it was awesome. Really really Awesome with capital A :)
FYI, i've been falling in love with this villa since the first time i saw it. Really, it's beautiful and it has this little classic touch. I love the statue, the painting, the touch of wood element inside the house. And the scenery there was so beautiful. I promise i will post the photo someday, if my friend bring his notebook ._.
There was some field-rices and river and mountain with its confusing road. The scenery was too beautiful and everybody just stayed inside the house, so, my friend and i went down to the field-rices and took some photos there. Then when we reached the top of the field-rices hill.... we spotted a very very beautiful scenery. There were mountain, river, and trees and we could see all of them. We stayed quiet for 15 minutes or 20 minutes (i didn't bring any watches) to enjoy the view.
We've seen river so we decided to go there. We asked someone (a villa construction worker) how to get there and we walked to the river together. I thought it was a hard walk, i wore this rubber sandals and i walked through the field-rices so the sandals were full of mud and the road is too... what is the word in english, slippery? I fell twice haha.
River, umm creppy, we went to this dark side of the river, and honestly, i was scared. After that, we went back to Villa.
I took a bath and can't you guess? All my friends decided to try to climb the hill to the field-rices. So i went back there and we had this awesome evening together.
And then we had this crazy night!! We danced, sang, and took photos until 12 p.m i think. After that we had this 'Video Time' and we watched our old videos.
That was an awesome experience with my classmates.  I will post the photo, i promiiiiiiise.

But for now, i want to share my brother's photo first, as an apologize ._.

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