Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hi over there

I can't sleep after drink a glass of coffee and decided to open the Twitter and watch the timeline goes on (it's kinda interesting, you know) when.... i see something strange on my timeline. It's my crush :( mentioning other girl's name, constantly, in flirty way. Yeah ya know what i mean when you see stuffs like that. It just.... it's never been a real love for me. You know, it's kinda annoying because the fact is, it isn't really an unrequited love. He loved me, when i didn't. And now i love him, he doesn't love me back.

Whoa, tired. Drama stuffs, ugh.

Pathetic, yes. But i'm not desperate if ya know what i mean (sorry for keep talking like this). I just.... found that i always think about him. I know i should move on, but, yeah you now what i mean (here i go again).

I met him once in my friend's house. He changed. He has been those popular guys or something.... I don't know. I don't recognize him anymore. He keep talking to us (my friend and i) that he loves this pretty popular girl from his high school. He blah and blah and blah. Yeah like i care dude. 

Something i can't ignore is when i see his face, i remember those days when we're like veeeeeery close friend. Ugh, double ugh, triple ugh.

He used to reply my text, always. But now? Forget it haha -__-

Ok, enough for all the drama stuffs. Hi over there, you used to read my blog. If you read this post, would you realize it?

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