Monday, February 13, 2012


Hi, folks! Sorry for the very late post. Looks like i have been abandoning this blog since. eh, when? last year? 3 months ago?
I've been veeeeery busy these days. Things come and go and i don't have many times. Well, i should tell you what was happen then!
At February 7th and 8th, the 10th grade student and teachers in my school go to Bandung for a Study tour. I wish i could give you all the photos but unfortunately, i haven't ask it from my friend who bring the camera :(
I was very excited, because that was my first study tour in 2 years, how pathetic. My class and i have prepared for this since a long time ago. We divided our class in some groups, and each group should bring somethings like snack, drinks, and etc.

We also made a class sweater. Cool one! A red sweater with a car picture on it. Yeah, that's symbolized my class's name; Fast5 a.k.a Fantastic Ten-Five :)

Oh hahaha messy one -__-

 Well, on the 1st day, we visited Institut Teknologi Bandung. Ah, dream college. I'm very excited you can believe me for this time. My class and some students from another class visit FTTM for a short trip, and we got some explanation there. It boosted my mood.

After that, we went to Museum Geologi. And it was kinda boring there.We took some photos, watched weird movie, and yeah, that's all.

After that, we went to Saung Udjo. Whoa, cool place to visit! We played Angklung, watched cool show, and danced.

Got this cute angklung necklace! Lovely!

It was very late. At 07.30 p.m we went to our Hotel in Lembang. I was veryyyyy tired. But after take a bath, i couldn't sleep at all -__-
So, we (my class and i) played, sang, and spent the night.
I feel asleep at 02.00 a.m and woke up at 05.00 a.m. After that my class and i had breakfast and had a yel-yel competition.
We went to Balai Inseminasai Buatan in Lembang and the scenery was so beautiful. But it was boring in there.

The sun is too....bright? I can't open my eyes normally

 Then, we went to Paris Van Java. Honestly, i didn't know what should do in here. Everything is branded and expensive and i don't have much money. At first, it was really boring. And then i met my friend, Zahra and we discovered all side of the mall, and found out many affordable-price things. And Mango was on sale! I found a cute LBD in Mango and didn't buy it. I regret it -__-. But i bought a very cute patterned shirt in a cool boutique named umm.. something like XOXO or what...

back side


Yeah that's all. It was really fun, but i'm in home now. Sick. I've got a bad headache and nausea this morning. So i spend my time making some stars from paper, and it is very cute.

PS : Sorry for the bad quality pictures!