Monday, December 17, 2012

Latest Favorite : Secrets by One Republic and Secret by IU

Hi people! this time i'll reveal some secrets songs i love.

1. Secrets by one republic
'Secrets' have been in my playlist for a long time. Every time i hear this special-song i was like 'I always love this song!'. I adore the calmness this song has brought to me.

I need another storySomething to get off my chestMy life gets kinda boringNeed something that I can confess
'Til all my sleeves are stained redFrom all the truth that I've saidCome by it honestly I swearThought you saw me wink, noI've been on the brink, so
Tell me what you want to hearSomething that were like those yearsI'm sick of all the insincereSo I'm gonna give all my secrets away
This timeDon't need another perfect lineDon't care if critics ever jump in lineI'm gonna give all my secrets away
My GodAmazing that we got this farIt's like we're chasing all those starsWho's driving shiny big black cars
And everyday I see the news, all the problems that we could solveAnd when a situation rises, just write it into an albumSeen it straight to goI don't really like my flow, no, so
Tell me what you want to hearSomething that were like those yearsI'm sick of all the insincereSo I'm gonna give all my secrets away
This timeDon't need another perfect lineDon't care if critics ever jump in lineI'm gonna give all my secrets away
Oh, got no reason, got not shameGot no family I can blameJust don't let me disappearI'mma tell you everything
So tell me what you want to hearSomething that were like those yearsI'm ick of all the insincereSo I'm gonna give all my secrets away
This timeDon't need another perfect lineDon't care if critics ever jump in lineI'm gonna give all my secrets away
So tell me what you want to hearSomething that were like those yearsSick of all the insincereSo I'm gonna give all my secrets away
This timeDon't need another perfect lineDon't care if critics ever jump in lineI'm gonna give all my secrets away
All my secrets awayAll my secrets away

Gotta tell you about another version of secrets that i love. Sung by Maddi Jane. Pretty good.

2. Secret by IU
IU is super sweet singer from South-Korea. She's been my favorite since i watch Dream High (a korean drama).

I notice that some of we won't understand the korean lyrics so i put in the English translation

IU Secrets 비밀 English Translation Lyrics

Again today, with my fingertips, I secretly write you a letter while I'm next to you
With the water dripping from the glass cup, I write each part of my heart
You sit across me and look at me with your head hung low
I wanted to hide this from you even more, like a kid who did something wrong

* I have a lot of secrets now
Things that are so hard to say are stacking up
But still, I am dreaming
My heart which has wings is flying across the night sky

Every day, in front of the mirror, I become your heart and I reflect myself
I learn how to awkwardly put on pretty makeup as if I didn't put any on
You're coming, you see me - even if I look somewhere else, I see you
I can't look back like a child filled with fear

* repeat

Step by step, I want to go a bit lighter
Word by word, why is it so hard for me?

Your scent is blowing over
Is your heart that you are sending like mine?

Your heart is coming to me
Again today, I memorize it into my dream
I'm listening to my heart
The sincere wind is filling up the entire room
Filling it and flowing out, flowing o ut

I have a lot of secrets now

(translation by :

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Eyes on : Vintage Clothing

Hi! It's always been my dream to share my favorites with you :) Dan karena ini bulan oktober, yeeees. October is my birthday month! (I'm turning on 16 on this 15th), i will share something with you!

1. Vintage and Second-hand
Gue lebih suka cari baju di flea market, lebih murah jelas, tapi the secret is.... to find something vintage! Yep, yep, gua bakal betah seharian nge'deprok' di pasar second-hand buat milah-milah baju dan cari baju yang paling bagus dengan harga seminim mungkin.
Udah banyak baju yang dihasilkan dari kegiatan milah-milah baju di tempat second hand. Emang, gak semuanya kepake, tapi sensasi nyarinya itu looooh. It's like having a treasure hunt session in a box full of rubies among the dust! Yah tinggal nyarinya aja mungkin yang rada susah.
Tempat favorit buat beli second hand.....bandung. Di pasar tumpah gasibu. Sebenernya pingin banget ke senen buat hunting second-hand clothes tapi gak ada yang nemenin. Takut kecopetan kayaknya.
Kenapa suka baju jadul? Umm, gak tau ya. rada gak sreg aja kalo liat baju yang too futuristic, terus banyak cut disana-sini dan minim parah, pokoknya tipikal baju masa kini banget deh. It just not me.

Ada beberapa favorites dalam memilih baju, versi saya tentunya!
a. Flowery
Bunga, bunga, dan bunga. Ngakunya sih gak girlish, tapi, i always love flowers pattern. Rasanya bagus, eyecatching, tapi gak ngejreng. Pokoknya bunga!

b. Collar
Wah, bukan gara-gara jaman collar, tapi emang, i adore collar very much. Rasanya lucu kalo liat collared clothes. It reminds me to my childhood :)

c. Laces
A pretty touch every clothes should have. Sumpah kalo ada lace itu kayak..... oldschool tapi jadinya malah keren.

d. A line flower-patterned skirt
Asal punya warna dasar yang keren dan gak rame ditambah flower pattern yang gak terlalu mencolok, i personally think that an a line flower-patterned skirt is a girl-must-have to get preppy and vintage look.

And what's on my wishlist?
1. Sneakers
2. Platform shoes
3. Moustache flats ( i know fellas, haven't buy it yet! :( )
4. Another vintage bags

6. Cape. Esp. red cape like the one in red riding hood.


7. Coat. Long coat.
Wish that there is a winter in Indonesia so i could wear this stuff!
8. Galaxy patterned stuffs!
9. Leather watch
10. VINTAGE DRESS. Lots of vintage dress.

Yep, you may think that i'm a vintage dork but i'm not! I wear jeans and t-shirt everyday but i just much much love this vintage stuff!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Latest Favorite : Lights by Ellie Goulding and R.I.P by Rita Ora

Hello from Indonesia.

I'm here to drop a hello between the boring routine. I'm a little upset bcs tomorrow there will be a test from the teacher that teach us nothing but expect us to be something form nothingness that she gave.

Well, miss.

That's all a glimpse of my old school stories. And now we off to the recent news from my playlist : Latest Favorites!

1. I admit it, i've never heard about Ellie G before i hear the "Lights" song. And now i just cant fully start my day without listen to it at least once.

When i first hear it. It sounds like, umm, lights. And fairytale.

2. Rita Ora - R.I.P

love this too

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Currently my favorite

Perahu Kertas is a based-on-novel movie.

Can't help myself from falling in love with this movie.

Honestly, i was falling in love with the soundtracks. Recommended buat yang sering galau #eaaa

Monday, August 6, 2012

Safe and Sound

I'm such a big fans of Hunger Games, so i decided to search anything that relate to Hunger Games, including this Hunger Games soundtracks.

I'm gonna tell you that it isn't an instant love. At the first time i got this uncomfortable feelings each time i hear the musics in the album. The songs are so dark. If you know what i mean by saying 'dark songs'. Well, i just feel that the songs take me into this whole new world i've never known before. It's like Tim Burton's world. Another dark and weird world. Dark, but amazing world. Like lightning, beautiful, but in a certain way that i can't explain, also scary. 

But when i hear the songs over and over again, i found myself falling depper into this world. So does with the Safe and Sound.

I've told you that it isn't an instant love, for the tracks. But yes it is an instant love when i see the Safe and Sound video. It's soooo vintage. What describe me the most is i am a vintage person. I'm an old soul -_-.

And i always feel that the both the video and song give me this warm feeling each time i hear it. It's like you're in your warm bed with your blanket in a cold night.

Enjoy my favorite :

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The truth about love

Love. Heart shaped?
Or maybe, flowers?
Don't get me wrong i love flowers. Especially roses. Pink and red roses. But i don't think they'd represent what is love correctly. Too bad.

A romantic stories?

Or a lovely song?

They tell us about how good love is. But no, love doesn't work right sometimes. It needs pain and tears and sacrifice to get its highest goal : to love and to be loved.
I can't tell you what love is. I'm only 15 years old. Too young to understand so much i bet. Go ask your parents your grandparents. I bet they know it well.
But don't understand love itself doesn't make myself love-proof or what.
Sadly, but true!

I've been loved in my entire whole life by my family. Until i bloated and i feel grateful because of that. No, i don't wanna talk about this family love. I'm going to talk about the different version of love.

Among teens, they no such thing called love. We're too shallow to feel it, the oldies said. Yeah.....
They call  it 'like' or what, ppl.


Then, i ask you, if it isn't true, why does it feel so hurt to see someone we like hang-out with our friend?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eyes On : Moustache Flat Shoes

I want to share my newest august wishlist with you! Well, lately, many of my friends started their own bussiness. And yes, you're right fellas. They start to make an online shop. I've been such a crazy to watch they post these ultra-cute tops and bottoms and shoes ( I really really love cute shoes!) but sadly, i don't have enough cash to buy those things :(
What hurt my heart (overbombing level over 1000) the most is to see they put the 'SOLD OUT' captions in those lovely-dopey things that i want so much. You DO know what it feels right?

Then people, i saw this.

A super cute moustache flats at my friend's shop

It costs 120 idr (about 12 usd) and i want it so bad. I think it's like an instant love when i saw the white moustache flat shoes in the picture. I love it but i can't afford it :(

Then, a few days later i randomly open the online shops in facebook. And i opened AdorableProjects Indonesia and saw this flawless gold moustache shoes. Must be a dream come true!

It's gold and it has moustache. Should i say anything else?
It costs idr 130 so i think i will do a saving program until the end of august. Wish it'll be mine soon :)

And.... i want to introduce you to my new class, 11 IPA 5. ZIPPER!
Zipper means amazing science-five with powerful personalities. Thanks to Rama, we have this ultra-cool picture :

Z for Zipper!

Mine! Oke kebanting sama punya Rama -_-

Included in August wishlist : KitKat Green Tea. Ultra delicious :9

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hello hello hello

Let's give a warm hug for 'Tahun Ajaran Baru'. Hmm, tahun ajaran baru, kelas baru, teman baru, buku baru, dan.... *drumroll* sekolah baru!
Yep, welcome to the jungle! Karena gue sekarang udah bertitel "kelas 11" -_-, jadi otomatis bukan gua dong yang masuk sekolah baru. Dan yah, gua dapet kelas baru tapi 11 IPA 5. Woof woof yep yep yep teman baru gitu-gitu deh. I don't know why but i prefer to be with my old class. Duh, mungkin karena belum terlalu kenal ya hahaha. Lemmesee deh, mungkin 2 bulan ke depan udah beda perasaannya :)
Yayaya MOPD tuh apa sih?

MOPD itu masa orientasi peserta didik, sama aja sama MOS sebenernya. Cuma mungkin biar lebih kece jadi namanya diganti ._.
Mos kali ini gua berperan jadi PJ a.k.a penanggung jawab. Inget kan sama postingan setahun lalu soal PJ gugus gayo? Teh Rinda, Aa Jordan, Teh Desak, Teh Agit, dll? Yep, sekarang gue jadi kayak mereka, bukan peserta mos lagi hehehe.

Persiapan Mos kita kelarin pas liburan. Jadi sekitar seminggu sebelum masuk tuh rapat-rapat buat nentuin tugas-tugas, dll. Gue kebagian jadi Seksi Konsumsi. Dan sebagai PJ Gugus kedua, Arjuna. Oh iya, tahun ini tuh kita temanya nama tokoh perwayangan gitu. Misalnya Yudhistira, Arjuna, Bima, Semar, Hanoman, Rama, Nakula, Sadewa. Terus Id-nya juga dibikin kaya kepala wayang gitu hehe.

Di Gugus Arjuna ada 8 PJ sama gue. Koor-nya Kak Rully, terus ada Teh Anis, Teh Nadia, gue, Amel, Zahra, Dewa, Aji. Ada 8.
Sebagai panitia mos, karena peserta mos-nya disuruh datang jam 6. Otomatis kita mesti datang jam 05.30 pagi. Otomatis gua berangkat jam 5 kurang hehehe. Yang creppy itu pas jalan ke depan kompleks rumah. Tapi lucu juga bisa nyampe ke sekolah pas masih ada bulan.

Suasana waktu baru datang

Pemeriksaan kelengkapan oleh posko

Posko tahun ini bukan pakai pita merah lagi, tapi semacam pakai hand-band warna merah gitu apa ya gak tau namanya sih ya ._.
Nah abis diperiksa kelengkapannya di depan, peserta disuruh masuk terus baris deh. Hari pertama itu pembukaan, jadi otomatis ada upacara dulu. Terus ada pelepasan balon dan pemukulan gong.

Yang lucu, karena motong tali balonnya terlalu pinggir, balonnya jadi nyangkut ke tanaman. Daaaan, semua orang jadi pada ketawa-ketawa sambil nunjuk-nunjuk balon. Jadi gak konsen sama upacaranya hahaha.
Balon nyangkut
Terus, akhirnya balonnya dilepasin sama panitia mos dari tanaman. Tapi terlanjur gak konsen ke upacara sih semuanya. Jadi malah liatin operasi penyelamatan balon.

Balon terbang!
Dan akhirnya balon itu pun berhasil terbang ._.

Terus pada ke kelas kan disiap-siapin tugasnya. Pada ngerjain tugas mos yang belum dikerjain sebelum Posko masuk dan meriksa. Terus pada brainstorming buat yel-yel sama penampilan gugus. Nah penampilan gugus kita tuh Fashion  Show. 
Salah satu hasil tugas peserta mos : menggambar wayang sesuai dengan gugus

Seru. Skip. Seru. Skip.

Udah gitu pada latihan nari tanda tangan buat minta tanda tangan. Yang ngajarin Teh Maria sama Teh Eva. Abis itu pada kumpul di lapangan deh, buat nge yel-yel sama persiapan buat minta tanda tangan.

Yel-yel nya pada kreatif-kreatif. Panggilannya juga. FYI, yang buat panggilan gugus arjuna adalah seorang murid bernama Arga. Dia bakal banyak diceritain nanti. Kenapa? Ya karena gitu deh liat aja nanti.

Latihan minta tanda tangan
Abis itu peserta disuruh tutup mata dan panitia pada lari terus nyari tempat. Terus mereka mencar buat minta tanda tangan. Hectic parah.

Minta tanda tangan
Hari Kedua. Alhamdulillah dateng lebih pagi. Ngantuuuuuk parah hahaha. Dan sepertinya bukan cuma gue doang ya haha.

Hari ini adalah hari terakhir mos. Rada deg-degan juga sih soalnya hari ini PJ bakal ikutan dimarah-marahin sama posko di kelas. Peserta juga pada jiper hahaha.
Yah pas posko masuk. Gua udah jiper duluan. Disuruh push-up. Tapi ya ampun. Makasih banget Gugus Arjuna. Lotsa kisses for ya all :* Proud of you guys. Makasih makasih especially buat Jose, Madeline sama Arga :)
Terus kita brainstorming buat Fashion Show. Rada lebih lepas soalnya udah selesai kan yang ditakutinnya haha. Terus Dewa ceritain pas gua jadi orang gila tahun lalu. Dan mereka sepakat kalo nantinya Fashion Show mereka akan bercerita tentang....

Hari Ketiga

Waktunya demo ekskul dan penampilan gugus!
.....ini. Fashion Show mereka :

Arga jadi Jupe. Ya ampun Arga. Fahmi jadi Gaston. Terus yang lain ikutan jadi sesuatu yang ada hubungannya dengan kisah itu deh haha. Tapi sukses loh pada ketawa. Apalagi pas ngeliat Arga! Salut deh sama Arjuna.
Demo ekskul : SR
Demo ekskul : MP
Demo ekskulnya seru-seru banget. Terus hari ini tuh penutupan. Bagi-bagi award PJ terus bagi-bagi award Peserta MOS, terus bagi-bagi award Gugus. Terus bagi-bagi surat cinta sama benci. Gua gak dapat award PJ sih haha.

Dewa dapet award Terasing sama Teraneh. Senang apa sedih ya Dew... ._.

Congratulation buat Arga jadi Peserta Terheboh sama Jose jadi Peserta Teraktif. They really deserve it! 

Raja dan Ratu MOPD Smanti

Gugus Arjuna dapat yel-yel terbaik! Kaya Gayo ya hahaha. Abis itu kita pulangnya foto-foto deh. Makasih buat Arjuna hehehe. Makasih juga buat seluruh Panitia Mos :)

Photo Courtesy by Kak Rully