Friday, December 9, 2011

Hello Fellas!

Arrived here to drop a hello. Well, things been so.... what? Umm, actually i messed up everything. How great that huh?
No, it's not like i ruined something but i just lost my time to write or post something in this blog. Sorry....
Well, who said that High School is easy? It's like a crazy roller-coaster. You like it, you want it when you're not in it, but each time the ride start, you only want to stop it.


I'm writing this blog while i have a rest from my study time (i steal it, actually). I have a Chemistry and P.E (P.E! I couldn't understand why i should have to test my knowledge in P.E because basically, my teacher Never give the P.E's theory for every games we've been played for a couple months) test today.

While working on my-trying-to-study time :

                                                                    Remembering You - Steve C

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