Sunday, August 7, 2011


Sorry for the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate post, things going harder nowadays *sigh*. No, it's like, there's a lot to do, and a lot to learn. But anyway, i want to share some stories about the orientation day on my neeeeeeeeew school *drumroll*.
 Well, gratefully, i've been accepted as one of more or less 300 new students on SMA NEGERI 3 BOGOR, or SMAN 3 BOGOR or Bogor 3 SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Or you can call it smantiboo.
So proud, so proud, so proud.
Well, smanti is the best school in Bogor. And what i admire the most is the Batik Uniform. It's soooooo cute and pretty. Let me show you.

 The Batik :)

The school's symbol 
the gate

 and also the building

Well, orientation days are hard, but also fun :) You can feel the spirit in the air.
1st day is the awkwardest moment ever. New friends, new school, What could be more awkward than that?
But at the 2nd day until the last day, with everything we've been through, we found that we can fit each others perfectly and we enjoy our class. So sad that we aren't in the same class now :)
Oh, and we love our PJ too. They are very patient and kind. We miss them too :)
People say that pictures tell better so. Here it is!

Hear our PJ's explanation. Serious face


Yel-yel in the making
TOC Demo! Awesuuuuume :)
we got the atmosphere!
the rehearsal : exciting!

getting started
guess who? me as the mad-desperate-woman
we're ready! *drumroll*

At saturday, we made our little surprises to our lovely PJ. Our autographs, cake, and some souvenirs. And because they both two (jusri and biva) couldn't make it, i made one for them. Ups, sorry guys
the cake. seems yummy and yes it is!
After that, there is a photo session. here it is. This one is with Teteh Rinda :)

Me and Teh Rinda

Kak Jordan!

Our PJs! Heart'em

Gayo and other PJs
And we got an award too. GAYO as gugus yel-yel terbaik!

That's all for now! Bubye :)

PS : Photo Courtesy by Putri and Kak Putri Syahidah Firdaus. Thank you :)

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